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Washing Instructions

How to take care of your precious INTI garment

Wool is self-cleaning
After wearing, hang it out to air. We wash wool at 0 degrees in the washing machine on the wool cycle, and we also use the wool spin cycle.
Handwashing your INTI garment
Of course, it is possible to handwash too, but why handwash when the result is just as good when using the machine? If handwashing, make sure that you are using a sufficient amount of water. Also, don’t rub the material in the water; this can be avoided by using the right amount of water.
Do not bleach & Do not spot clean
Always wash the whole garment, not just the part that has the stain.
Use a pH-neutral detergent
Or preferably a special wool washing detergent.

Wash different colours separately.

Never put wool in the tumble dryer!
Unless you want to turn your item into felt.
When rinsing
Make sure that the temperature of the rinsing water is the same as the washing water. Never hang or lay a wool garment to dry when it is saturated in water.
Try to remove as much of the water as possible
Don’t lay it out on anything that absorbs moisture (such as a towel). Colours might run and the natural elasticity of the garment may deteriorate.
When ironing, use a steam iron
Or put a moist protective sheet between a regular iron and the woolen surface.
The Pilling and balling of your purchase are perfectly normal.
To remove pilling, and keep your item looking fresh and recently bought, we recommend using a wool comb or a product like the Sweater Stone. It is natural and uses no chemicals or batteries.
All of our items are made in Ecuador, by hand with natural yarns, and are part of limited production. Any irregularities should be considered as a part of its uniqueness. We hope you enjoy them as much as we are making them.