Washing instructions

by beheerder


Many people shy away from woolen garments because they don’t know how to care for them. As a producer of woolens, we can advise how best to take care of your precious purchase, and reassure you that it is not any extra work than taking care of your lingerie and other delicate clothing! To make sure that your garment stays as gorgeous as the day you bought it, it’s important to bear in mind the following:

  • Wool is self-cleaning. After wearing, hang it out to air.
  • Don’t spot clean; always wash the whole garment, not just the part that has the stain.
  • Wash similar colors separately.
  • Do not use bleach!
  • We wash wool at 0 degrees in the washing machine on the wool cycle, and we also use the wool spin cycle. (Of course it is possible to hand wash too, but why hand wash when the result is just as good when using the machine?)
  • If hand washing, make sure that you are using a sufficient amount of water. Also, don’t rub the material in the water; this can be avoided by using the right amount of water.
  • Use a pH neutral detergent, or preferably a special wool washing detergent.
  • When rinsing, make sure that the temperature of the rinsing water is the same as the washing water.
  • Never hang or lay a wool garment to dry when it is saturated in water. Try to remove as much of the water as possible and don’t lay it out on anything that absorbs moisture (such as a towel). Colors might run and the natural elasticity of the garment may deteriorate.
  • Never put wool in the tumble dryer! (Unless the object is to make it into felt).
  • When ironing, use a steam iron, or put a moist protective sheet between a regular iron and the woolen surface.
  • Pilling and balling of your purchase is perfectly normal. To remove pilling, and keep your item looking fresh and recently bought, we recommend using a wool comb or a product like the Sweater Stone. It is natural and uses no chemicals or batteries.

Follow these steps to enjoy your woolen treasure for years and years to come.