Repair instructions

by beheerder


All INTI items are carefully made by hand. Handmade items are made by people, and people sometimes drop a stitch. So every so often it happens that a seam gets loose, for example because the finishing wasn’t tight enough. What usually happens, is that a client sends back the item to the store and the store sends it back to us. We’ve discovered that in most cases, it concerns very small repairs, easy to fix. But the cost of sending the item back and forth are relatively high, money wise and in terms of environmental impact.

D.I.Y. & D.I.T.
That is why we would like to propose a new option: repairing small defects yourself, with our help! On this page, you will find videos with easy to follow instructions and tips for mending your own garment. Of course we’ll be happy to send you an envelope with thread, wool or other material you might need. Repairing it yourself will probably take no more that five minutes and you don’t have to be a handy (wo)man tot do it. But just think of how much more sustainable it would be. Let’s do it yourself & do it together!